Keep Furniture from Sliding or Moving on Hardwood Floors | No Slide Furniture Pads
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Stop Movement & Protect

STAY! Furniture Grippers keep your furniture from moving, and protect your floors. No felt. No sliding. Guaranteed!

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Kids Move, Furniture Stays Put

Your couch STAYS put, especially when your kids don't!

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Grippers for Your Sectional

Sectionals won't slide with STAY! Furniture Grippers.

Stay! Furniture Grippers

Keep furniture from sliding on hard surface floors.

Placeholder imageSTAY! Furniture Grippers…

  • Keep furniture from moving and sliding.
  • Protect expensive hardwood, marble, laminate, tile and vinyl floors from scratches, dents and paint stains.
  • Keep sectional sofas together in one place.
  • Quiet the sounds of furniture movement with thick form-fitting grippers.
  • Prevent damage, chipping and wear on furniture legs.
  • Weather resistant - outdoor furniture STAYS in place no matter the weather

You will be amazed at how well our STAY! furniture grippers hold your furniture in place on hardwood, laminate, tile, and vinyl floors. These one-of-a-kind pads, can be used with any furniture that moves - couches, chairs, loveseats, desks, ottomans, tables, beds, outdoor patio sets, single or sectional sofas and even musical instruments, art easels, pet stairs, and more! We can't wait to hear how you use your STAY! Furniture Gripper!

STAY! Furniture Grippers are Convenient:

  • Many sizes and shapes. Choose from 2 - 6 inches in round or square.
  • Easy to use. Just place under furniture legs and STAY!.
  • No sticky residue. There is nothing to glue or nail.
  • Versatile. They work with furniture large or small.
  • Adaptable. STAY! Furniture Grippers conform to the shape of furniture legs.
  • Clear-cut packaging. Each package comes with four pads and instructions.
  • Custom sizes available.

STAY! Furniture Grippers are only available online.