Our Guarantee

 At STAY! Furniture Grippers, we pride ourselves on providing the absolute best customer service and selling a product that really works. Time and time again we hear from people who have tried the others, and are so pleased to have found a gripper that actually grips. We strive to ensure that each and every customer is satisfied and becomes a raving fan of our Stay! Furniture Grippers - that's why we get so many referrals and "thank you" notes from happy customers.

Whether you need to protect beautiful hardwood floors from the sharp edges of furniture, or keep a chair or sofa from sliding, we guarantee satisfaction! If you didn’t get what you expected, you can have your money back.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

As soon as you put your new STAY! Furniture Grippers in place, you'll see and feel how well they work. If you find yourself unsatisfied with your STAY! grippers for any reason, you have 30 days to send them back, undamaged, for a full refund*

We just ask that you call or email and let us know to expect your return for a refund. That’s it! 

STAY! Furniture Grippers protect your floors from furniture marks,
and keep furniture from sliding.
STAY! Furniture Grippers protect your floors from furniture marks, and keep furniture from sliding.

 Grippers that Work"FINALLY... grippers that WORK! I am so happy that I found these online. I would definitely recommend trying this product before other grippers. If I would have known about STAY! Furniture Grippers, I could have saved A LOT of time and money trying every other option out there! My kitchen banquette, which gets constant use, has not budged since using STAY!"
-- ljkinas




How Do They Work?

The grooves in the top of the gripper form a "memory groove" to lock furniture in place, while the textured rubber-like bottom prevents the gripper from sliding on the floor. There are no adhesives, glue or sticky residue, and absolutely no unsightly felt!

How do I Choose the Correct Size STAY! Furniture Gripper?

Simply measure the bottom of the leg of your furniture. For the best and longest-lasting grip, round up so the size is slightly larger than the leg. Our grippers can be trimmed to size -- leave 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch so the gripper "cups" the furniture leg.  Available in gray and black. Select from round, square or furniture grippers in custom shapes and sizes.

Do They Work With Musical Instruments?

Yes, in fact, our STAY! Furniture Grippers are available in custom shapes and sizes, including stopping cello rocking and similar uses.

How Do I Keep Furniture From Sliding?

There are many options to grip furniture and stop furniture from sliding on wood and other floors, but there's only one brand guaranteed to make your furniture STAY in place and protect your floors. From leaning against a sofa to kids jumping on your bed, STAY! Furniture Grippers will keep your furniture in place and stop it from sliding across the floor.

How Do I Protect My Hardwood Floors from Furniture Scratches?

One of the comments we hear most often from happy customers is how our STAY! Furniture Grippers protect their valuable hardwood, tile, laminate, marble and even vinyl floors from damage. Whether it's sliding furniture, teenagers bumping into tables or even floor lamps sliding, we have the answer to protecting your floors with a simple-to-use product that works right out of the package: STAY! Furniture Grippers.

What if They Don't Work?

Our promise to you: no matter the shape or size, every STAY! Furniture Gripper has a 100% MONEY-BACK guarantee. Don't waste your money on imitations - order online and get the best!