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Read what some of our thousands of customers have to say about STAY! Furniture Grippers.


Custom Order, Fair Price

Hi there, You may remember me as the woman who ordered the 2-foot round gripper for a swivel rocker. I wanted to thank you enormously for the custom order at a fair price, and tell you that it is working great! Your product, like your customer service, is outstanding. Also, I wanted to tell you another story. About a month ago, a vertical slat on my toddler son's crib side broke out of place. It was a clean break, no jagged edges or splinters, but it left a gap in the crib side that was twice the normal width. The resulting space was dangerously broad ... more than wide enough for him to get his head stuck or perhaps even to get out of the bed entirely. (He's a daredevil at 19 mos.) In despair, I was just about to go get the pack-n-play, which he hates. But I couldn't let him sleep in the crib. Even with the gap against the wall, I knew my little guy was strong enough to push on the wall and move the crib out about 5" or 6". He could easily create a gap between the bed and the wall that was added to the danger of the gap where the missing slat had been. Then I remembered a set of STAY Furniture Grippers I bought but hadn't yet put to use where originally intended. With those, I was able to push the damaged side of the crib against the wall and secure the whole crib in place! It was a perfect solution! I knew he'd be safe, and he could stay in his bed ... which has been a great joy because it's taken weeks to secure a replacement crib from the store where we bought it. Our whole house would be falling apart if he had had to sleep in a fold-up crib for all this time. So thank you many times over for your excellent problem-solving invention!
-- Elizabeth M.; Oak Park, Illinois 3/27/2012

They're Great!

Yes, they arrived. We are using them on a large sofa and they're great! With twin five-year-old boys, the sofa was all over the living room on our new hardwood floors. Not anymore!
-- Kim 3/27/2012

An Investment I will Never Regret

I absolutely LOVE my furniture grippers!! I was a little skeptical about ordering simply because of the price for four, but I must say it was an investment I will never regret. I received my furniture grippers on Friday, March 2, 2012 and ran home like a kid with a new toy to put them under my couch that sits in the middle of the living room floor on ceramic tile and what do ya know; MAGIC! Today is Sunday and my 3 small children have run, jumped, and played as they usually do and my couch hasn't moved 1 inch!!!! These things need to replace alot of those "3M" products taking up space at Wal-Mart and Home Depot!! I want grippers for my rug corners and I'm waiting for "STAY" to come out with some. Anyone who is considering trying these, go for it and you will not be upset at all!!! Thanks for such a great product and keep it coming!!!
-- SLW 3/5/2012

I am Thrilled

I received my Stay Furniture Grippers last week, and felt compelled to add my voice to the list of multiple satisfied customers! I am THRILLED with the fact that they work as well as you promised, and I thank you for resolving my furniture-sliding issue! I commend you . . . . and have not doubt, will “recommend” your grippers to my friends!
-- Delia; Tampa, Florida 2/22/2012

I Love These Things

You guys rock I love these things. Thank you.
-- Mike 1/30/2012


This product is outstanding! I tried multiple different grippers from local hardware stores with no success in keeping the corner piece of our sectional sofa from sliding everywhere. I found this product by doing a google search. When it came in the mail, it didn't look like much. In fact, I figured I wasted my money. I couldn't have been more wrong. This is the ONLY product that has worked to keep the couch stationary on our hardwood floors. Thank you!
-- ckw 1/30/2012

Excellent Product

Hi Gregg. I just wanted to let you know that the STAY! Furniture Grippers are great! Excellent product!
-- Bobby 1/13/2012

The Couch Hasn't Moved

This is to confirm that I received the grippers today. I used them on our couch in the living room where we have marble flooring. The couch hasn't moved even with my kids jumping around!! You have a wonderful product which works very well. Good to know that I'm your first order to India. With a good product like this, there could be good business possibilities. I will certainly let you know if something comes up!
-- jamal 1/12/2012

Grippers That Work

FINALLY... grippers that WORK! I am so happy that I found these online. I would definitely recommend trying this product before other grippers. If I would have known about STAY! Furniture Grippers, I could have saved A LOT of time and money trying every other option out there! My kitchen banquette, which gets constant use, has not budged since using STAY!
-- ljkinas 1/12/2012

I Love Them

Gregg, These are wonderful and I LOVE THEM! Thank you so much for your prompt attention. GREAT PRODUCT!
-- Heidi 1/2/2012

I'm Telling Everybody I Know

I just wanted to say thank you for putting out such a great product. Who would've thought one little item would make my life that much easier?! Now I don't have to constantly keep readjusting and lining up the couches every time my dog lunges off, or when my kid runs into it, or even whenever I go to stand up. Not anymore! I'm so happy with the pads, and I'm telling everybody I know! It was money very well spent, if I do say so myself! :o)
-- Liz 1/2/2012

They are Worth It

Stay Furniture Grippers are great! My sister recommended them to me after I had hardwoods put in my family room. I was a little tentative because they were more expensive than what I had expected. They are WORTH IT! I received them super fast too!
-- mommybabyrn 12/12/2011

Great Product

Gregg, We received the furniture grippers and they are awesome, thanks for your assistance and a great product.
-- Jonathon 9/23/2011

My Sofa Doesn't Run Away!

Yay! My sofa doesn't run away any more! So glad I finally found something that keeps it in place. I was tired of chasing it all over the den trying to keep it in the right spot. Thanks so much!
-- HB 9/13/2011

Beyond Impressed

I am BEYOND impressed!!! I had one recliner that was particularly bad – traveled all over the room… can flop in it and it doesn’t move at all!!! No sticky stuff to deal with….no stick pads coming off leaving stuff all over the floor….. WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL!!! Thanks so much for having this product!
-- Sharon N. 9/2/2011

Fast Service

Talk about fast service! Thanks for fixing this address for me. I received them today, and they have so far kept my couch from moving on our polished concrete floors in this apartment. I only added them on the front feet of the couch so far, and so far, so good.
-- Phil 9/1/2011

They Are Amazing

I wanted to let you know that the wonderful grippers arrived yesterday and they are amazing! My couch is on a permanent vacation. Thanks for a great product and amazing customer service.
-- Janice 8/24/2011

Super Speedy Responses

Thank you for your super speedy responses....gosh so many on line businesses could take a lesson! I'm off to order! Thanks again.
-- Sharon 8/24/2011

Awesome Customer Service

Thank you so much for the awesome customer service!!!!
-- C. H. 8/25/2011

The Couch Hasn't Moved

The couch hasn't moved a bit. Thanks for a wonderful product.
-- Dennis B. 8/22/2011

Outstanding Service

Dear Gregg and the management team at Stay Furniture Gripper's, I wanted to write a brief note praising Gregg on his outstanding customer service. Gregg went above and beyond my expectations regarding your product, and meeting my needs. I would love to share my experience with other customers and have written a brief summary. Please feel free to add to your website, if you would like.
Stay Furniture grippers work...and can be used in unique ways too! Here's my story:

My daughter is a dancer who competes in multiple competitions each year. For the upcoming season, she is doing a solo with a prop! The prop is a light weight, metal bench that needs to be placed onto the stage at the beginning of her dance; and then quickly removed! In practice the bench kept sliding on the dance floor as she danced on it. I thought for sure she was going to injure herself! I frantically surfed the web to see if there was anything made that would address this problem!

I stumbled onto the Stay Furniture Grippers website and read the product description. I was hopeful that this product was the answer to the runaway, and sliding bench!

I contacted the company and spoke with Gregg. Gregg was a pleasure to talk with and provided me with customer service excellence! I described my situation and he was able to recommend just the right gripper to meet my needs! Gregg rushed the gripper out and I placed them under the prop! Gregg and Stay Furniture Grippers, saved the is perfect! Now I can feel confident that my daughter will not get injured on a sliding bench! I will think of Stay Furniture Grippers, every time she walks onto the stage! Thank you!!

This is a company that tailors their operation with meeting customer's needs, and providing extraordinary customer service! Stay Furniture Grippers, are second to none!
-- Karen 8/15/2011

Wish I Found Them Years Ago

THANK YOU! These things work so well – I wish I’d found them years ago!
-- Lisa J. 8/2/2011


Ordered them on pure faith, what a delight to see my couch STAY PUT!!!! :) I am so happy and will be telling EVERYONE about the Stay Furniture Grippers! :)
-- anhjanes 7/31/2011